Meet the Horses


Skylons Summit .
15.1hh/Welsh Section D/Chestnut/Mare.
Stable Name: Sky.
Sky is a popular choice of ride for all riders, her reliability and ‘been there, done that’ attitude is brilliant for newer riders, and her beautiful paces and flowing school movements are great for the more experienced equestrian.


Big Buddah
Stable Name: Buddy.
Buddy is the yards second biggest horse with the biggest heart! Buddy loves people and all the fuss he can get from them, he is popular with all the members at the riding school and isn’t fazed by anything.


Smokey Joe.
Stable Name: Billy.
Billy is still only young but inside he’s done it all! From flatwork to jumping Billy is proving himself to be worth his weight in gold. Currently being brought on by Gem it won’t be long before he is one of our most demanded steeds!


King Chester .
13.2hh/Exmoor X/ Bay/Gelding.
Stable Name: Chester.
Chester, affectionately called Victor Meldrew, is probably one of the safest ponies on the yard, but most definitely the grumpiest! Although he’d much rather prefer to stand there all day eating his hay, he loves jumping and trying new things!


13.2hh/Helpbook Driving Pony (Netherlands)/Chestnut/Mare.
Stable Name: Josh.
Although her name is quite the head scratcher, Josh is a great all rounder and a safe, fun ride from beginner to advanced. Josh is also a brilliant jumper, and the bigger, the better!


Charlie’s Gem .
13.1hh/New Forest/Dark Bay/Mare.
Stable Name: Charlie.
Charlie is currently only 4 and has been training with the School since Christmas 2011, however she has come on in leaps and bounds and is now ideal for a more experienced rider as well as showing brilliant potential for jumping.


12.3hh/Dark Bay/Gelding.
Stable Name: Archie.
Archie is a dream pony, with his steady paces and relaxed attitude he is brilliant for a learner and those just coming off the lead rein. Archie has done everything in his time and will do anything you ask. Archie is currently enjoying his blissful retirement in a loving loan home. He is being sadly missed!


12.3hh/Section A/Blue Roan/Mare.
Stable Name: Bella.
Bella is a brilliant all round pony for any rider. She will look after her rider and does anything and everything, including pulling faces, although it’s not always very flattering!


Castlemead Yoyo.
12.2hh/Welsh Section A (Pendock)/Dapple Grey/Gelding.
Stable Name: Yoyo.
Yoyo is a great all rounder for the smaller rider, he is brilliant on the lead rein and an ideal ride for the more experienced rider too. He loves jumping and will jump anything, even when he’s not supposed to!


12.2hh/Welsh Section A x Section C/Bay/Gelding.
Stable Name: Toby.
Toby is another youngster training with us and is really enjoying his education, he is improving day after day and is brilliant on the lead rein as well as an absolute gentleman to be around.


Talgoed Ellery.
12.1hh/Welsh Section A/Dapple Grey/Mare.
Stable Name: Cherry.
Cherry is a forward going and fun pony who loves jumping, however she is a star lead rein pony and a loveable character, who is also a safe and enjoyable ride.


Cracker Jack.
Stable Name: Cracker.
Cracker is a cheeky chap who is very forward going and just wants to have fun, he loves jumping and is brilliant at the gymkhana races on pony days!


Tommy Tucker.
11.2hh/Section A/Grey/Gelding.
Stable Name: Tommy.
Tommy is the oldest, safest and most loved pony on the yard. Tommy has been at the riding school longer than anyone and knows his job inside out. Tommy can be trusted to do anything and everything, from being a child’s first ever ride on a pony to helping teach stable management.


Brynseion Carys.
11.2hh/Welsh Section A/Grey/Mare.
Stable Name: Carys.
Carys is a brilliant choice for a newer rider, she is steady and calm and willing to do anything for her jockey. She is a perfect Lady, and can be handled by 4 year olds.


Spice Alive.
10hh/Miniature Shetland/Skewbald/Gelding.
Stable Name: Spice.
The yards smallest pony, he is extremely popular with the yards smaller riders. Spice loves jumping, and can jump fences that are massive compared to his size, which only aids his horsey Houdini talents!


Cherry Orchard Lane, Twyning, Tewkesbury GL20 6JH.
Off A38 opposite Hilton Puckrup Hall.
Call Jo: 07879 027790.